The Clash - Sandinista!

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This a reissue of the 1980 and fourth album by 'the only band that matters'. it features all 36 of the original tracks, including 'The Call Up', 'Somebody Got Murdered', 'Police on my Back', 'The Magnificent Seven' and 'Hitsville UK'. Though the two-record sprawl of 'London Calling' - with its exploratory mutations of reggae, rockabilly, and even disco - proved that the Clash weren't content to lie fallow in a punk-rock ghetto, nothing prepares you for 'Sandinista's messy melange. For 36 tracks the band tackles everything in sight, including waltz, gospel, disco, children's ditties, funk, reggae, dub, delicate instrumentals, psychedelic explorations - hell, they even play a Clash rocker or two.