The Clientele - Suburban Light-Vinyl LP-South

The Clientele - Suburban Light


Merge Records reissue Suburban Light - the start of the label’s five-album, decade-plus relationship with The Clientele. 

Released as a double-disc (one-LP/one-CD set), this new edition will feature not only the album in its original European tracklisting but also a revelatory set of covers, rehearsals and B-sides that reveal the earliest iterations of The Clientele. And there’s the previously unreleased “Sarah’s Prelude,” too, the lovely, lonely and abandoned opener of an album that stuns, even without the strings.


LP Tracklisting: 
1. I Had To Say This 
2. Rain
3. Reflections After Jane 
4. We Could Walk Together 
5. Monday’s Rain
6. Joseph Cornell 
7. An Hour Before The Light 
8. (I Want You) More Than Ever 
9. Saturday 
10. Five Day Morning 
11. Bicycles 
12. As Night Is Falling 

CD Tracklisting: 
1. Sarah’s Prelude 
2. 6am Morningside 
3. From A Window 
4. What Goes Up 
5. Driving South 
6. Porcelain (Portastudio Version) 
7. May Has Brought A Change In You 
8. Monday’s Rain (Portastudio Version) 
9. Tracy Had A Hard Day Sunday 
10. Six Foot Drop