The Cult Of Free Love - Love Revolution

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The Cult of Free Love is a musical collective from the mystical landscape of North Wales. Relatively little is known about the band or it's members, although it is understood that this is not their first dip into the murky, shallow waters of the music industry. What is known however, is that this, their debut album, 'Love Revolution‰۪ follows on from last summer‰۪s debut single and independent hit ‰Û÷Love Is All There Is.' It's rumoured that the collective are an actual living, breathing cult, however this has yet be confirmed.

‰Û÷LOVE REVOLUTION‰۪ comprises 8 journeys exploring unchartered territories designed to probe the inner reaches of your mind. The album is due this summer on vinyl and will be the third ever release on Wrong Way Records. It is suspected that this is the work from musicians belonging to the infamous Northern Star Collective, but this cannot be confirmed...