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The Districts - The Districts

  • Fresh out of high school, Lancaster County, PA foursome The Districts have perfected their own brand of authentic, soulful rock music. They first came to nationwide attention when a one-take performance of their track ‰Û÷Funeral Beds‰۪ was filmed at a local Philadelphia studio and skyrocketed to the front page of Reddit, with WNYC noting that the song ‰ÛÏshowcased an impressive knack [for] memorable vocals and for songcraft that starts as introspective indie rock and builds to a climatic wall of noise.‰۝

  • WXPN‰۪s John Vettesse caught their live set, saying ‰ÛÏa thundering swell cuts, leaving a clean guitar arpeggio floating in space as [frontman Rob] Grote catches his breath; the verses build in waves, with the heaviness sometimes derived just from Braden Lawrence‰۪s drums. Grote is an intense, emphatic, occasionally bewildering stage presence - he kicks, stomps and snarls, both at the mic and far away - but guitarist Mark Larson and bassist Connor Jacobus hold their own, shuffling and bobbing and giving the overall band a dynamic stage presence.‰۝

  • ‰ÛÏMustå_see‰۝ - The Guardian

  • ‰ÛÏThe birth of a huge new American band‰۝ - NME

  • ‰ÛÏOutstanding... with tinges of vintage, introspective Dylan‰۝ - Rolling StoneåÊ