The Fall - Dragnet-Vinyl LP-South

The Fall - Dragnet


A reissue of the second Fall album from 1979. 'Dragnet' is a bitter and twisted masterpiece, capturing them in the infancy of their uncompromising brilliance. Recorded in only 3 days, 'Dragnet' is the first album-length collaboration between Mark E Smith and long standing Fall guitarist Craig Scanlon who would go on to write the music to some of the best known Fall classics. The album kicks off with a bang with a new version of a previously released single called 'Psychic Dancehall', which has an extremely catchy riff and drum beat. The album continues down the primitive path, which culminates in the nearly 8 minute 'Spector Versus Rector' which is just barely ramshackle contained chaos that sounds like it was recorded 3 rooms away.

LP - 180 Gram Vinyl.