The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - My Love For Evermore

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The title track is the Youtube and 7" hit (feat. Sparky of Demented Are Go): 6 million views, 7 vinyl pressings and counting. Not mere revivalists, Hillbilly Moon Explosion meld roots rock‰۪n‰۪roll with pop, jazz, ska, swing, European balladry, and much more. Their adeptness has led most songs on this LP to each register hundreds of thousands of Youtube plays. French star Arielle Dombasle has collaborated on a new album, covering their songs and co-starring with the band, due in October on Universal France. For their European tour, the four-piece has expanded into a ‰Û÷Rock‰۪n‰۪Roll Revue‰۪, with added horns and Geraint Watkins on keyboards.

VINYL-ONLY ‰Û÷best of‰۪ album from Anglo-Swiss rockabilly sensations!
All the hits plus 3 brand new tracks! 180g vinyl with heavy sleeve and ltd inner bag.