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The Nevermores is the Kingsmen covered in toxic slime; it‰۪s Question Mark & the Mysterians stripped of its dark mirrors and reveling in cross-eyed ghoulishness. Here is the sound of close-quartered Indiana teens dissecting the vestigial jangle of the ‰۪60s to birth a true rock‰۪n‰۪roll Frankenstein. Play it loud, but be sure to Lock Your Doors‰Û_

It all started back in 1990, in a fever dream. Matty Uhlman, a teenager who narrowly escaped an Indiana mud flat for Bloomington‰۪s college music scene, was overcome with a cryptic vision born on black wings. However unintelligible, his sleeping mind spelled out his fate unmistakably: The Nevermores. Twenty-three years later, the man still shutters at the sight of a crow.

With a hand-me-down Farfisa organ and a couple of Back from the Grave compilations, the Nevermores concocted a handful of paint-peeling garage-punk organgrinders, and peppered their sets with Nuggets "standards" to keep the party going well past curfew. Although they were unaware of the 60's punk pilfering happening in hipper cities at the time, they were drinking from the same cup as the The Gories and the Mummies.

The teenybopper horror freakshow that was the Nevermores played just a few lease-breaking house parties before landing a bar gig, which the under-aged quintet weaseled their way into by distributing fake fliers with the Nevermores on the bill! Lock Your Doors is a testament to the wild abandon and iron-clad will of bored teens full of rock‰۪n‰۪roll conviction, and captures their live sound in all its feral and fanged glory. Under the tutelage of John Terrill (Dancing Cigarettes, Mad Monk) and Dan Willems, the Nevermores gathered around a 4-track tape machine in a soggy basement, and blasted through their repertoire. Here, the Nevermores give you a monstrous platter of gut-punching one-take tunes. Fate doesn‰۪t permit second chances and these kids could give a fuck about doing it right.

Tracklist 01. Theme From Nevermore 02. The Way It Is 03. Summer Fun 04. It‰۪s Gonna Be Good 05. Auld Lang Syne 06. Louie Nevermore 07. I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend 08. Hot Rod Dissertation 09. Oatmeal 10. It‰۪s Cold Outside 11. Killed By Death 12. Tallahassie Lassie 13. Stormy 14. Escape From Nevermore