The Postal Service - Give Up

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In perfect harmony with the release of the new Postal Service documentary, ‰Û÷Everything Will Change‰۪, Sub Pop are reissuing the single LP version of The Postal Service‰۪s classic album, ‰Û÷Give Up‰۪, which has been created using the 10th- anniversary remastered tapes.

The Postal Service is a long-distance collaboration between Ben Gibbard (singer / guitarist from Death Cab For Cutie) and Jimmy Tamborello (Jimmy recorded the Beachwood Sparks album ‰Û÷Make The Cowboy Robots Cry‰۪ and also records under the name Dntel). Ben and Jimmy sent music back and forth, between California and Washington, each adding new elements until the record was complete. The result is a sweetly charming, largely electronic album with a warmth not typically associated with the clicks-and-beeps set. As an added bonus, additional vocals on the record are provided by Jen Wood and Rilo Kiley‰۪s Jenny Lewis.

The LP includes a digital download.