The Residents - Our Finest Flowers

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Available on Record Store Day, 22nd April

Never before on vinyl, and long out of print on CD - Classic 1992 20th Anniversary album, which saw The Residents rework lyrics, melodies and themes from their entire back catalogue into an album of new tracks. Track Listing: SIDE ONE 1  Gone Again 2  The Sour Song 3  Six Amber Things 4  Mr. Lonely 5  Perfect Goat 6  Blue Tongues 7  Jungle Bunny 8  I'm Dreaming Of A White Sailor SIDE TWO 1  Or Maybe A Marine 2  Kick A Picnic 3  Dead Wood 4  Baby Sister 5  Forty-Four No More 6  He Also Serves 7  Ship Of Fools 8  Be Kind To U-WEB Footed Friends