The Snivelling Shits - I Can't Come-LP-South

The Snivelling Shits - I Can't Come


The third ever release on Damaged Goods was theåÊoriginal vinyl version of this album. ‰Û÷Terminal Stupid‰۪, their one and only single was one ofåÊmy favourite singles from 1977 and in 1988 I searchedåÊout lead singer Giovanni Dadomo and together we putåÊtogether this album. It features both sides of their thatåÊ7‰۝ plus another track they released on the BeggarsåÊBanquet compilation ‰Û÷Streets‰۪ (Beggars first release),åÊalthough they had to change their name (to ArthuråÊComix) as Beggars were worried about the word ‰Û÷shits‰۪åÊon the cover of their album!. Anyway we found another 6 or so tracks, mastered itåÊwith Dave Goodman and put it out, at the time Gio hadåÊalso unearthed one of the three tracks that he cowroteåÊand recorded with The Damned, ‰Û÷There ‰Û÷Aint NoåÊSanity Clause‰۪ is included on the LP & CD. This is a review of the original album from the TrouseråÊPress website.... ‰Û÷The hazard of anyone-can-do-it musical movements isåÊwhat might get dragged in. Fortunately, the jokeyåÊSnivelling Shits - two London rock critics (singeråÊGiovanni Dadomo and guitarist Dave Fudger) and suchåÊmusician friends as Steve Nicol of the Hot Rods andåÊbassist Steve Lillywhite - were sharply skilled atåÊsmuttily satirising the sounds of '77. As anthologised inåÊthis archival colored-vinyl document, the band's briefåÊrecording career (eight whole tracks, including theåÊviciously irreverent "isgodaman?," originally releasedåÊon a Beggars Banquet compilation LP under the nameåÊArthur Comics?) included incisive swipes at the SexåÊPistols, John Cooper Clarke ("I Wanna Be Your Biro‰۝)åÊand the Velvet Underground. That's history for you.åÊ

LP - white vinyl