The Struts - Everybody Wants-CD-South

The Struts - Everybody Wants


Having just supported Black Sabbath at Hyde Park and played Sonisphere indie rock n' rollers The Struts release their debut album. If you can, image a visual and sonic combination of Primal Scream, Kasabian, Queen and Guns N' Roses!

A combination of much-missed old-fashioned showmanship, stadium sized tunes and dazzling musicianship, The Struts are here to inject a rich shot of colour into UK guitar music's currently grey landscape.

A quintessentially English proposition, The Struts are a band who proudly stand apart from the crowd and steadfastly refuse to chase the latest trends and fads, The Struts aren't afraid to plough their own furrow and have the tunes to back it up. They've built their loyal fan base through fanatical word of mouth, blistering live shows and monstrous hooks that steadfastly refuse to leave your brain. The result is high octane, heavy, soulful rock n roll that delivers on every level. Flamboyant and hard-partying, with dashes of wit, this is entertainment.