Thee Headcoats - The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand-LP-South

Thee Headcoats - The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand


**Vinyl reissue of their long out of print classic with new VERBOTEN artwork!**

One of the best of Thee Headcoats albums, recorded in March 1997 it features a re-recording of their classic single ‰Û÷We Hate the Fucking NME‰۪ as well as fan favourites ‰Û÷Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot‰۪ and ‰۪Organic Footprints‰۪. ‰ÛÏWe recorded this LP live, off the cuff. Most of the song lyrics I sketched out the night before and then made up the tunes on the spot. We used 2 mic's - one for bass and drums (set up between the two) and one for voice and guitar. (both through a Selmar 15 amp). We used the old Revox G-36 1/2 track machine that we inherited off of Tony Pink, local jazz player in 1977. I've always had soft spot for this LP as it embodies my first idea of what a punk rock group would be.‰۝ - Billy Childish