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Rockå?۪n' roll group Thunderbitch will release their self-titled debut album on 30th October, and we are thrilled to be selling vinyl copies of it. The project is fronted by Alabama Shakes‰۪ frontwoman Brittany Howard - winner of Billboard‰۪s 2015 Women in Musicå?ÛÏPowerhouse‰۝ Artist award -åÊand also features members of two Nashville bands, Fly Golden Eagle and Clear Plastic Masks.åÊ

Rolling Stone:å?ÛÏBrittany Howard of Alabama Shakes doesn't just "reinvent" rock tradition, or "make it her own." She makes it her bitch."


01 Leather Jacket
02 I Don't Care
03 I Just Wanna Rock'n'Roll
04 Eastside Party
05 Closer
06 Wild Child
07 Very Best Friend
08 My Baby Is My Guitar
09 Let Me Do What I Do Best
10 Heavenly Feeling