Touche Amore - Stage Four-LP-South

Touche Amore - Stage Four


Touch̩ Amor̩ is a Los Angeles based punk band whose earnest and artful approach to song writing, along with relentless touring, fueled their rise to prominence in the hardcore community. In 2013 Touch̩ Amor̩ crossed into new territory with their beloved release, Is Survived By. Triumphant in sound and cathartic in delivery, Stage Four is a powerfully creative leap for Touch̩ Amor̩. The first single is the catchy ‰ÛÏPalm Dreams,‰۝ and it‰۪s instantly clear from Bolm‰۪s vocals that TOUCHÌä AMORÌä is breaking new ground: the career screamer is actually singing, in a quite capable sing-speak harmony. The final track, the lush, jangly ‰ÛÏSkyscraper,‰۝ featuring haunting guest vocals from Julien Baker, ends the album with an atmospheric departure, both sonically and in spirit.

LP - indies-only coloured vinyl