Tunng - Good Arrows-Vinyl LP-South

Tunng - Good Arrows


'Good Arrows' from 2007 is the third album from Tunng, the pastoral pop band behind the acclaimed 'Mother's Daughter and other songs' and 'Comments of the Inner Chorus'. Taking its title from a favourite phrase of co-founder Sam Gender'a brother, 'Good Arrows' is a totally immersive record, enveloping the listener in Tunng's weird world. Their first album to be recorded in its entirety with the full, six-piece band (core duo Sam and Mike Lindsay handled the majority of the first two), there's a new depth of sound and power here, and a clutch of songs that'll get right under your skin. taking influences from Icelandic prog rock, choral music and film soundtracks, 'Good Arrows' marks a significant development for tunng. they're expanded beyond the awkwardly-applied folktronica label to become a fully fledged (if experimentally-skewed) pop band.

LP - Limited to 300 copies on Vanilla vinyl with Download.