Tyvek - Origin Of What-LP-South

Tyvek - Origin Of What

Tyvek have long stood as one of the more steadfast and dependableåÊpunk institutions of the last decade. Each recordåÊhas been great and has improved on the one before it withoutåÊstruggling to reinvent or overwrite their past. Line-upsåÊand life events shift but the energy always comes throughåÊas new and raw as it did on the first single. Origin of What,
their fourth album, is something of a departure, if a crypticåÊone‰ÛÓall the familiar elements are in place and yet a pervasiveåÊdarkness that these strangely disjointed songs.
Working again with Fred Thomas who recorded theiråÊmost recent album, 2012 burner On Triple Beams, bandåÊmembers from the earliest incarnations to its most recent
showed up for various recording sessions, with initialåÊtracks captured quickly. Later, far more extensive editing,åÊmixing and overdubbing ensued, resulting in a fragmented
production style that slowly disintegrates the standardåÊpunk fare until it starts to resemble dub experimentationåÊbefore decaying even further. Tyvek‰۪s future, like its origin,
is up for grabs.