Various - 60 Songs From The Cramps' Crazy Collection-CD-South

Various - 60 Songs From The Cramps' Crazy Collection

A veritable cornucopia of 60 tunes as spun by Lux Interior on his radio shows or lurking within his and Poison Ivy's collection. From cool instrumentals and rockabilly weirdness through to female rock 'n' rollers, devotees of voodoo and all round devil worship and purveyors of the newest dance trends. With more than a hint of esoteric exotica, with added jungle sound effects, tributes to Tarzan, dragsters and rabbits and a host of dazed and confused survivors to boot. Rampant with riffs, overflowing with deranged ideas and sullen sideswipes on the soap opera of life. Complete with hip jive from 'Ginchy' to 'Gumbo', an aural extravaganza that's relentlessly groovy! Remastered from the original sound sources with sleeve notes by Mojo magazine's Dave Henderson. It features Charlie Feathers, The Ventures, Art Wood. The Bikinis, Roland James, Buddy Bow, Bo Diddley and more.