Various - Beating On The Bars: Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands Vol 2-LP-South

Various - Beating On The Bars: Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands Vol 2


The Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands series takes the listener on a dark adventure, a wrong turn into a bizarre, alternate world of American country music performed by small town, unknown hicks. The second volume, Beating On The Bars, collects eighteen ultrarare hillbilly 45s recorded for long-lost independent record labels. The theme this time is incarceration ‰ÛÒ the county lock-ups, state pens and prisons. When Johnny Cash released his live at Fulsom Prison and San Quentin LPs to critical acclaim and commercial success, small-town hopefuls rushed into backwoods recording studio across the South to tell their own tales of crime and punishment. Until now, most of these records lay forgotten in the solitary confinement of the bargin bins. The deluxe, gatefold LP sleeve (and 16 page CD booklet) features, liner notes from Country Music legend Bill Carter, track-bytrack comments from Texas rockabilly singer (and serial killer researcher) Mack Stevens, plus an original short story from underground writer Avery Powell, all pulled together with amazing graphic artwork from acclaimed illustrator Olaf Jens.

Tracks : Billy Barton - Wanted Man, Travelin‰۪ Texans - Beatin ‰۪ On The Bars, Gary Williams - Walla Walla State Prison, Bill Carter - Shot Four Times And Dy ‰۪in, Johnny Starr - Lewisburg Prison, Tom Edwards - Cook County Jail, Doodle Duncan - Death Row, Lee Hazlewood With Duane Eddy - The Girl On Death Row, Danny Dill - He‰۪s Biding His Time, Chuck Wells - Down & Out, Sanford Clark - It‰۪s Not Hing To Me, Sterling Blythe - You Picked Up A Stranger, The Wray Brothers - Ninety Nine Years To Go, Tommy Faile - The Rest Of My Life, Eddie Noack - Invisible Stripes, Stonewall Jackson - Life To Go, Country Johnny Mathis - Caryl Chessman, Jimmy Minor - Death Row.