Various - Eighteen Wheelers - Twisted Tales From The Truckstops-LP-South

Various - Eighteen Wheelers - Twisted Tales From The Truckstops

Breaker, Breaker... Any Takers? Okay, So you‰۪re thinking trucking records... "Teddy Bear", "Giddy Up Go" & "Convoy‰۪... Right? Well yes, they were all pretty much flagstones of that short lived craze of the 70‰۪s when people everywhere was reaching for their Midland Convoy Buddy CB radios and dreaming of adventures on the road and maybe meeting a few truck stop waitresses along the way, but the trucking song goes as far back as trucks themselves. Gathered here are some of the toughest from the genre from the 60‰۪s through to the mid 70‰۪s, Small label 45‰۪s cut by blue collar men who drove an 18 wheeler by day and picked up a guitar on the weekend to tell stories of highway mayhem.