Various - Inna De Yard - The Soul Of Jamaica-CD-South

Various - Inna De Yard - The Soul Of Jamaica


INNA DE YARD bring to life the unique and original passion of singing with acoustic reggae music.

Several iconic figures from Bob Marley's island and spirited young musicians are gathered on the terrace of a house, in the hills of Kingston, to bring the essence of their musical culture back to life. United in the same place, and united in time, because they have recorded an original album in just four days.

They are Ken Boothe, Cedric Myton from the Congos, Lloyd Parks, Derajah, Var, Kiddus I, Steve Newland, Bo Pee, Kush & Winston McAnuff.

You've never heard a Jamaican sound like this before.

  1. The Viceroys ‰ÛÒ Love is the Key
  2. Ken Boothe ‰ÛÒ Let the Water Run Dry
  3. Lloyd Parks ‰ÛÒ Slaving
  4. Kush McAnuff ‰ÛÒ Black to I Roots
  5. Cedric Myton ‰ÛÒ Youth Man
  6. Var ‰ÛÒ Crime
  7. Kiddus I ‰ÛÒ Jah Power, Jah Glory
  8. Ken Boothe ‰ÛÒ Artibella
  9. Steve Newland ‰ÛÒ Sign of the Times
  10. Winston McAnuff ‰ÛÒ Secret
  11. Derajah ‰ÛÒ Stone
  12. Lloyd Parks ‰ÛÒ Money for Jam

13. Bo-Pee ‰ÛÒ Thanks and Praises