Various - Interpretations On FC Judd

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Limited to 500 copies only, pressed on white vinyl.

Public Information collect diverse reinterpretations of F.C. Judd's pioneering electronic music from Leyland Kirby, Pye Corner Audio, Chris Carter, Peter Rehberg, Bandshell, Ekoplekz, The Boats, Mordant Music, Holly Herndon and many more. The groundbreaking, experimental originals are chopped, sliced and refried into wonderfully abstract shapes in keeping with F.C. Judd's vision, ranging from instrument builder Ian Helliwell's fractured, wire-fried disassembly of 'Solid States' to Peter Rehberg's brilliant, marrow-freezing electro-acoustic render 'FCJUDDmix 032013' and fellow electronic crackpot Mordant Music's psychotomimetic reMMix Fredit of 'Hoarded House' or Leyland Kirby's frankly demented 'Slim Jim Wimshurst Mechanicals' which uncannily reminds of the far-gone moments from 'Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore'. Others hew closer to the library music style, such as Karen Gwyer with the rippling rhythms and fuzzy melodies of 'Judd Drums', The Boats sweetly sci-fi esque update of 'Space Judder', Chris Carter's cutesy bubbler 'Flip-Flop', and Judd's spiritual brethren, Ekoplekz with the haunting discombobulation, 'Fredwerk'. Safe to say, there's still a wealth of operators keeping Frederick Charles Judd's explorative vision alive.