Various - Still On The Line: A Tribute To Jimmy Webb-LP-South

Various - Still On The Line: A Tribute To Jimmy Webb


For the last 50 years, American popular music has been filled with the timeless songs of Jimmy Webb and we are thrilled to help continue that legacy with ‰ÛÏStill on the Line: A Tribute to Jimmy Webb‰۝. These are 12 new recordings by artists who share our passion for his songs, which we consider to be some of the most emotionally moving and skillfully crafted of all time.

Part of Webb‰۪s unique talent lies in the versatility of his songs. While ‰ÛÏWhere‰۪s the Playground Susie‰۝ and ‰ÛÏGalveston‰۝ were hits for Glen Campbell, they find a fresh new home in the voices of Bonnie ‰ÛÏPrince‰۝ Billy & Elephant Micah. ‰ÛÏBy the Time I Get to Phoenix‰۝, considered by Frank Sinatra to be ‰ÛÏthe greatest torch song ever written‰۝, sounds as heartbreaking as ever when performed here by Mike Adams At His Honest Weight.

While none of these songs are meant to replace any of their previously recorded versions, they demonstrate their strength to grab our hearts no matter the genre, voice or decade where they find themselves.

All profits from the sale of ‰ÛÏStill on the Line: A Tribute To Jimmy Webb‰۝ will go to benefit Mother Hubbard‰۪s Cupboard, a food pantry in Bloomington, Indiana.

Tracklisting: 1. The Cairo Gang "Ocean In His Eyes" 2. Nicholas Krgovich "The Moon's A Harsh Mistress" 3. Bonnie "Prince" Billy "Where's The Playground Susie" 4. Vollmar with Amy O. "Wishing Now" 5. Mike Adams At His Honest Weight "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" 6. Pop Zeus "Just This One Time" 7. Andrew Slater "The Magic Garden" 8. Elephant Micah "Galveston" 9. Wooden Wand "Once In The Morning" 10. Via Vegrandis "Sleeping In The Daytime" 11. Sister Sister "Marionette" 12. Pan-Pan Wen "Up, Up & Away"