Various - Stranger Than Fiction: Rockabilly Rules Again-Vinyl LP-South

Various - Stranger Than Fiction: Rockabilly Rules Again


Like any underground musical movement, the so-called rockabilly revival which curiously blossomed in the UK and spread out to the rest of Europe during the 1970s was largely fed by bootlegs or, at least, reissues of dubious legality.åÊHowever, among the first independent reissue labels to emerge on both sides of the Atlantic, in an effort to quench the growing thirst for obscure US rockabilly in the 1970s, was a handful of rock ‰۪n‰۪ roll collectors and record dealers whoåÊdiligently sought out the original artists and label owners to create their own legitimate catalogues and identifiableåÊbrands which have, today, become collectable singles in their own right‰Û_forty years and more down the line!åÊåÊ

With Europe in the grip of another rockabilly revival, rock ‰۪n‰۪ roll authority Dave Penny has compiled theåÊ3CDåÊStrangeråÊThan Fiction, which is devoted to recordings revived in the 1970s on some of those specialist labels. For this specialåÊ2LP vinyl edition, complete with annotated insert, he has selected 36 highlights, with Sides 1 and 2 drawing on theåÊRollin‰۪ Rock and Record Mart respectively, while Side 3 investigates the sister labels Injun and Spade, and Side 4åÊrounds up the best releases on other labels of the period.åÊ

Serving as the soundtrack to a series of articles Dave Penny has contributed toåÊNow Dig ThisåÊmagazine,åÊStranger ThanåÊFictionåÊallows new fans to acquire these classics, and conjures up memories for those who filled the dancefloors of theåÊUK rock ‰۪n‰۪ roll clubs in the 1970s: the tom-toms introducing ‰ÛÏRobinson Crusoe Bop‰۝, the manic cowbells heralding ‰ÛÏLayåÊYour Head On My Shoulder‰۝ or Pat Cupp‰۪s long drawled-out ‰ÛÏAaaaaaa‰۪m aaaaa...long gon‰۪ daddy‰۝. The obsession foråÊobscure 1950s Americana by a host of British teenagers born two decades too late may have seemed stranger thanåÊfiction, but it cast a spell that weaves its magic to this day!åÊ