Various - The Art Of Remix-CD-South

Various - The Art Of Remix


Album includes: HOT CHIP remix of Gabriel Prokofiev's String Quartet No. 2

THOM YORKE remix from Cortical Songs

MURCOF remix from import/export

Tim Exile and MEDASYN Remixes from Cello Multitracks

SAMOYED Bloom Remix from Tangled Pipes by Consortium5

Heavy Deviance Unprotected Sax Remix from Mercury Acoustic

Gabriel Prokofiev Skein2 non-blues remix from Talking Microtonal Blues.

Over the last 3 decades, the Remix has become a central form in the world of electronic music. In the beginning it was a simple way to release a 'disco' version of a popular song but it has now developed, in some areas, into highly sophisticated re-imaginings ('re-compositions' even) of electronic tracks and has indeed developed into an art-form. Since their inaugural release in 2004 the Remix has become an essential element of the Nonclassical record. Ranging from edgy hip-hop to sublime ambience this album brings together a selection of the most creative remixes released on the Nonclassical label over the last 10 years, all of which are based on contemporary classical recordings, twisted, cut-up and re-worked into a range of remarkable genre-defying pieces of music. The Nonclassical ‰Û÷house rule‰۪ for remixers: "All the sounds used in every remix must be created exclusively from the master recordings of the original - No imported beats or samples". Imposing this strict policy on the remixers forces them to adopt a resourceful yet open-minded approach and ensures that future remixes will carry on engaging and surprising every listener. This constant invention and innovation from album to album will ensure The Art of Remix continues to break new ground whilst simultaneously maintaining Nonclassical's pioneering spirit.

1 Heritage Orchestra, Dj Yoda - Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra Cerebral Productions Remix 2 Gabriel Prokofiev, Peter Gregson - Cello Multitracks Tim Exile 'Float Dance' Remix, 3 John Matthias, Nick Ryan - Cortical Songs Marcas Lancaster 2nd Movement remix, 4 John Matthias & Nick Ryan - Cortical Songs Thom Yorke Neuron Trigger Mix, 5 Consortium5 - Tangled Pipes Medasyn Brook(lyn)s Bass Remix, 6 Gabriel Prokofiev & Peter Gregson - Float Dance EP1 ThimK Remix, 7 The Elysian Quartet - String Quartet No. 1 Ed Laliq Remix 4th Movement, 8 The Elysian Quartet - String Quartet No. 2 Hot Chip Remix 3rd Movement, 9 Heritage Orchestra | Dj Yoda - Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra Tivannagh L'Abb̩ Remix, 10 Mercury Quartet - Mercury Acoustic Heavy Deviance Unprotected Sax Remix, 11 The Elysian Quartet - String Quartet No. 1 G. Prokofiev Hip-Hop Remix 1st Movement, 12 Powerplant - Import / Export - Suite for Global Junk Murcoff Remix, 13 The Elysian Quartet - String Quartet No 2 Vex'd Remix 2nd Movement, 14 The House of Bedlam - Talking Microtonal Blues Skein(2) Gabriel Prokofiev Remix, 15 G̩NIA - John Richards Suite for Piano and Electronics Germ Rework, 16 G̩NIA - John Richards Suite for Piano and Electronics Max De Wardener, 17 Gabriel Prokofiev / Peter Gregson - Cello Multitracks Medasyn 'Defonc̩ Dans Le 20eme' Remix, 18 Consortium5 - Tangled Pipes Samoyed Bloom Remix