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Tom Furse Digs - Nineteen exotic musical gems from the Southern Music Library. Tom Furse of The Horrors has long been known as a man of taste and distinction, so it comes as no surprise that he should follow in the steps of such musical adventurers as Luke Vibert and Barry 7 to create a collection of library music that is both esoteric and charming. All tracks were picked from the Southern Library Of Recorded Music, a little known music library with a breezy and surreal sound. Like a Rousseau painting there is that sense of the exotic but also something 'other'. That's not to say it's not the ideal beach soundtrack for a person of discerning taste, but it could just as easily be the haunting backdrop to an opiated evening or deep reverie. The tracks were recorded between 1968 And 1979 and feature some of the library greats like Nino Nardini, Roger Roger and Johnny Hawksworth but also more obscure composers such as Anthony Mawer and Harihar Rao. Although the songs were recorded at different times, in different places, there is an unmistakable feeling that sets them apart from other library music. This is the also first time many of the tracks have been made widely available and great care was taken to find the best available recordings.åÊ