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Striding like musical colossi over the 20th century, the Beatles took the sound of Liverpool and exported it to a global audience.åÊ But surely the island of Jamaica was an exception? After all, weren‰۪t Jamaican musicians of the Sixties and Seventies influenced more by the sound of young America?

Far from it, the island's musicians and producers have always been adept at spotting a good tune and, let's face it, the lads from Liverpool wrote some great songs. The late 1960s to 1970‰۪s saw various Reggae artists under Trojan‰۪s aegis enter the recording studio to put down their take on some of the classics from the Fab Four.åÊ And here we have a selection of cuts from the heavy hitters of the time, a fantastic mixture of Jamaican and UK Trojan recordings.

All tracks on this 180 g vinyl LP are original recordings from the Trojan vaults, so sit back, turn it up loud and enjoy!

Side 1åÊ
1. Dandy ‰ÛÒ Yesterday
2. John Holt ‰ÛÒ Hey Jude
3. The Israelites ‰ÛÒ Come Together
4. Phyllis Dillon ‰ÛÒ Something
5. Nicky Thomas ‰ÛÒ Let It Be
6. Anonymously Yours ‰ÛÒ Get Back

Side 2
1. Keith Lynn ‰ÛÒ My Sweet Lord
2. The Maytals ‰ÛÒ Give Peace A Chance
3. The Crystallites ‰ÛÒ Lady Madonna
4. Nicky Thomas ‰ÛÒ Isn‰۪t It A Pity
5. The Harry J All Stars ‰ÛÒ Don‰۪t Let Me Down
6. Desmond Dekker - Blackbird