Velvet Morning - Gorilla

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Velvet Morning is the project of 20 year old Samuel Jones accompanied my band members Charlie Carmichael, Chris Richardson and John Kirkwood. Based from all over the seaside towns of the Southend borough,London and Cambridge, taking influence from a variety of psych/rhythm & blues/soul from the last 50 years Velvet Morning comfortably fit in with the surge of new wave åÊpsychedelia.

Gorilla is åÊa stunning affair, compiled of the 12 first songs written solely by Jones over the past year and a half.åÊ The songs are a product of constant home recordings and the selection of songs recorded live at gigs, each songs carefully chose to compliment each other as an album.åÊ As Jones explains ‰ÛÏI wanted to make something as subtly smooth as possible and then build on the songs after. How I saw it in my head was to take something classic sounding and make it sound kind of deranged in the writing process‰۝.

Reviews :

‰ÛÏVelvet Morning‰۪s heavy-lidded musical offerings wouldn‰۪t have sounded out of place in Andy Warhol‰۪s Factory‰Û_.enveloping psych influences like Jesus & Mary Chain before slinking off on its own honeyed tangent..‰۝ Noisey

‰ÛÏVelvet Morning are all about mood, about atmosphere.Sure, there‰۪s plenty of songcraft, of gently hued artistry beneath that sound, but the band really thrive on a certain decadent glamour. Each track passes by slowly, like wisps of smoke from a cigarette.‰۝ Clash Magazine