Vic Chesnutt - Little-LP-South

Vic Chesnutt - Little


Little is Vic's first album. He's referred to his early songs as "art-therapy", an exorcism of the demons of his middle-Georgia upbringing through his adopted art. Safe in his wheelchair, and in his new Athens G.A. bohemia, Vic was free to vent the bristling inner torment, long suppressed. "I am not victim / I am an atheist" he sings in Speed Racer with his devoutly Christian parents now distanced. The resulting catharsis is harrowing, erratic and suitably bare-boned and minimal. It is a relief that it is also offset by Vic's wit (Soft Picasso is about a modern love affair, "completely cool and casual / they hardly knew each other was there") and idiosyncratic wordplay, and complemented by his non-repetitive story-telling technique. This is Vic before his voice was tempered, before the tunes were polished, before arrangements were made and before he started writing with an attentive audience in mind. This is the purists' record, and brilliant and unique it is.

LP - 180 Gram Vinyl with Download.