Wand - 1000 Days

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Like their pal Ty Segall, LA's Wand keep busy. They just released their second album, 'Golem', in March and now they release their third, '1000 Days' in September. This is their first for Drag City and, while Wand are known for rippers, they stretch out here for a more nuanced sound, embracing thick, warm analog synths and acoustic guitars (as well as a variety of stomp boxes). Recorded in Los Angeles and San Francisco in between tour days, '1000 Days' finds Wand searching in corners. Where have all the people gone? Where have they put them? Panoramas of the body history are viewed through Wand's spy-glass as it sweeps the horizon. Never shy of a new machine, Wand found extra texture during '1000 Days' via synthetic animation. Songs compelled them to reach across lifestyle, relying on broadcast to find out who might need the sound. The atmosphere is quicksilver and the space acoustic; as a beacon sparks electric, a cascade of hi- fi noises for everyone's ear moles - raucous, impassive, inevitable musical expressions.