William S Burroughs - Break Through In Grey Room

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Extraodinary cut-up voices recorded during the mid-60's in hotel rooms in New York, Paris, London... it's impossible not to recognise the writer's voice - the sonority of this voice - a sonority also present in the silence of every text he wrote.åÊ an explosion of stylesåÊ- a blasting of borders - the silence after a gunshot - the overtaking of the fetishized word - from the exploded painting to the cut tape.

This record starts with a piece of more than 13 minutes, recorded around 1965 with Ian Sommerville somewhere in New York and London - K-9 was in combat with the alien mind-screens, including various monologues, radio short waves and music... tapes, cut and cut and cut up to the limit of senseåÊ - emerged new structures of communication... and senses . words gain power when loosing the boundaries of semantics. Including too Joujouka music recorded by WS Burroughs in the hills of Morocco withåÊOrnette Coleman, circa 1973.