Wolf Eyes - I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces-LP-South

Wolf Eyes - I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces

Having eschewed the ‰ÛÏnoise‰۝ moniker to describe their sound in favor of the self-proclaimed ‰ÛÏTrip Metal‰۝, Wolf Eyes are at the forefront of a wide-ranging, experimental, impossible-to-categorize world. With over 500 releases since their inception in 1997, the group has been lauded by Thurston Moore, Henry Rollins and countless other stoned basement malcontents. With previous full-lengths on labels like Sub Pop and Troubleman, I Am a Problem: Mind in Pieces is their debut release for Third Man Records and signals an ever-so-slight shift with the appearance of guitar and even drums. I Am a Problem is as much a classic Wolf Eyes record as no one would‰۪ve ever predicted such a pulverizing left-turn at this juncture of their career. This is social audio dissent.