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Life tip #1- Get a saturday job in a record shop.

As a young girl growing up with a love for music, it was always a dream to work within the music industry, whether it be touring in world famous band or voicing your opinions on the airwaves - the music industry has always been the dream. 

I can honestly say that I probably have one of the best jobs in the world. So here's the life tip for today; get a job in a record shop. In what other job can you sit and listen to music all day? I work on saturday and have for the last three months and apart from the weekly dates with the cardboard, it is the best day of my week. 

Being here my day is never dull, since starting I am now tea maker extraordinaire, record seller and one part of a fabled Oi! punk band. 

Working in a record shop means meeting all sorts of people, from musicians to photographers, young music fans to old record collectors. Everyone has a smile when you hand them their purchase. I think this is one of the things I love the most about working here - handing a customer their records knowing that their going to listen to them later,  and wait in a suspense of unknown euphoria waiting for the blank crackle to fade away into a solitude of musical bliss. 

Not many people can say that they like their job and their boss but honestly, my boss is the best. Rich is great, Dean too. Their exchanging of witticisms is enlightening, my vocabulary of insults has increased dramatically. 

I've never seen the film High Fidelity, but i've been told i'm living it. 


**EDIT - since writing this I've been made to clean the outside of the windows with a massive squeegee. I now hate Dean and Rich; they're both massive dicks. At least a passing pensioner told me i was doing a good job. 

Ruth (@riott_grrrrl)

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