The Long Blondes - Someone To Drive You Home: 15th Anniversary Edition

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Pre-Order. Released 10th December, via Rough Trade

Rough Trade Records announce the release of the 15th Anniversary edition of The Long Blondes’ debut album, the acclaimed ‘Someone To Drive You Home’.

The home of a host of indie disco classics with its noir atmospheres and vivid storytelling - qualities that saw the record inspire recent, generation- capturing movie ‘Giddy Stratospheres’ which takes its name from The Long Blondes’ iconic single - the Sheffield band’s first album managed that rare trick of capturing the 2000s zeitgeist while leaving a timeless artistic mark for the ages.

Initially inspired by the frisson of the indie disco - now, fittingly, a classic of low lit dancefloors everywhere - ‘Giddy Stratospheres’ is The Long Blondes’ sophisticated calling card. A swirl of razor-sharp guitars and vivid storytelling, waltzing melodies and burning vocals, the Sheffield band’s 2000s single fizzes with dancing, desire and the most stylish sing-a-long you’ll ever hear.

The Anniversary edition of ‘Someone To Drive You Home’, which was originally released in November 2006 and was produced by Pulp member Steve Mackey, comes as a gatefold double LP, pressed on to red and yellow vinyl to mirror the album’s artwork - a picture of actress Faye Dunaway painted by frontwoman Kate Jackson. The edition features the original record, plus 11 additional tracks that the band used on B-sides.