Thee Marloes - Perak

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Pre-Order. Released 9th August, via Big Crown

Big Crown Records is proud to present Perak, the debut album from Thee Marloes. When you ­first hear Thee Marloes, their particular soul sound may seem familiar enough. There are the weighty drums, a crooning guitar, and a beautiful voice singing about unrequited love and the complications inherent in affairs of the heart. But then there is something undeniably different about Thee Marloes and their music, something new and distinct. And while you may be acquainted with soul music, you've probably never heard it from Surabaya, Indonesia the place they call home. Thee Marloes are Natassya Sianturi singing and playing keys, Tommy Satwick on drums, and Sinatrya ("Raka") Dharaka on guitar and handling production. Their sound has the universal appeal of soul, jazz, and pop, but with a distinct approach attributable to their local culture and global influence. The world's introduction to Thee Marloes' debut album Perak, started with “Midnight Hotline” the scorching A side to their debut 7” on Big Crown. A punchy dance-floor number with an infectious chorus, vibey piano, and jazzy guitar licks. Contrasting that energy in the classic plug and ballad pairing dynamic, the B side “Beri Cinta Waktu” has all the makings of a beloved soul ballad but the lyrics are in Indonesian. Regardless of any language barrier, the sentiment in their music is palpable, helping to make their songs relatable and heartfelt. The rest of Perak fi­ts perfectly in between those bookends of both energy and language, “I Know” is a mid-tempo burner that talks about pulling the veil of lies off a love affair founded on falsehood. “Not Today” is right up there with the grooviest feel good songs you could ever play on a Sunday morning with Natassya reminding us to make space for ourselves no matter what life throws our way. “Mungkin Saja” brings the tempo back up with another dance floor smoker while “True Love” fi­nds Thee Marloes dipping into the soulful side of jazz with a beat ballad that could soundtrack a Tarantino dance scene. “Over” starts out with a heavy drum break and evolves into an epic arrangement drenched in layers of gorgeous melodies capturing the havoc of a love affair that ends abruptly perfectly. Perak is a journey from the heart of Surabaya into the spirit of the soul sound. It's about creating a space where none existed, and doing it because you love it. You can tell that Thee Marloes enjoy making their music, from the process of writing and recording, to performing in front of crowds. "We want to share what we live," Natassya tells us. No matter what language you speak or culture you come from, Thee Marloes music and energy is so charming that we will all be keeping it close to the turntable for years to come.

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