Red House Painters - Red House Painters

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Record Store Day Release 4 LP boxset, bronze vinyl

Played once. Box is in great shape, just one small barely noticeable scuff on the front

Limited to 1500 copies worldwide on bronze vinyl.
Also included is a 3-inch square card with a link to download all the tracks (bar Long Distance Runaround) as high quality mp3s.

Includes all four Red House Painters albums originally released between 1992 and 1995: Down Colorful Hill (1992); Red House Painters (1993, also known as "the Rollercoaster album"); Red House Painters (1993, also known as "the Bridge album"); and Ocean Beach (1995). The Shock Me EP (1994) is added as the D-side to Ocean Beach.

Each album features reproductions of its original artwork (except for the combined "Ocean Beach / Shock Me EP" release that adapts the artwork from the original releases on 10" and 12"), and the entire set comes in a slipcase designed by Chris Bigg (v23), which in turn is enclosed in a white cardboard box with the Red House Painters' logo screen printed on top.

Spelling error on album sleeve: Down Coloful Hill (Colorful missing the R) on the spine of the sleeve.