Pearls Before Swine - The Exaltation of Tom Rapp

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2000 pressed. New compilation, pressed on black vinyl. Featuring many unreleased recordings and rarities from the cult favourite and all endorsed by the Tom Rapp estate. The grand masters of acid folk, Pearls Before Swine outline the genius of leader Tom Rapp on an album created from a dusty box of tapes left behind by the incisive tunesmith. Never before heard recordings remastered to create the perfect route into the essential ‘Balaklava’ and ‘One Nation Underground’ albums that kick started a whole genre. This new vinyl compilation was made in collaboration with, and fully endorsed, by the Tom Rapp estate. Track listing: 1 State U, 2 Translucent Carriages, 3 Ring Thing (Three Rings), 4 The Jeweler, 5 Harding Street, 6 New Man, 7 I Saw The World, 8 For The Dead In Space, 9 From The Movie Of The Same Name, 10 Rocket Man, 11 Teacup Kingdom, 12 Images Of April, 13 If You Don’t Want To (I Don’t Mind), 14 Sin Of Jesus