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1000 copies worldwide. Deluxe freshly remastered edition of Royal Trux’s seminal debut album, originally released on their own Royal Records label in 1988. Fierce and uncompromising, this long overdue re-issue comes with rejuvenated artwork and brand-new liner notes. Formed in 1987 by Neil Hagerty (vocals, guitar), formerly of Pussy Galore, and his then girlfriend Jennifer Herrema (vocals), Royal Trux successfully dismantled alternative rock with a discordant guitar and time signatures akin to Miles Davis on an unholy mission circa ‘Bitches Brew’ or Manson strumming in his prison cell. Often described as a garage rock act, Royal Trux were far more complex, an unravelling surge of ideas, influences, mangled theories and out-there meandering, setting the blueprint for lo-fi indie amid their intricate reflections on their self-destructive lifestyle. “Their music was wild and their lives even wilder.” The Guardian // “A chop-shop approach to pop history.” Pitchfork. Tracklisting: A1 Bad Blood A2 Incineration A3 Strawberry Soda A4 Hashish A5 Sanction Smith A6 Zero Dok A7 Touch A8 Bits And Spurs B1 Esso Dame B2 Sice I Bones B3 Gold Dust B4 Jesse James B5 Andersonville B6 The Set Up B7 Walking Machine B8 Hawk'n Around