Black Bananas - Electric Brick Wall-Vinyl LP-South

Black Bananas - Electric Brick Wall


Black Bananas - Electric Brick Wall

  • Black Bananas are Jennifer Herrema, Nadav Eisenman, Brian McKinley and Kurt Midness. They work with their machines to play rock that’s progressive, experimenting and never less than super- exciting.

  • With eyes and ears out for the phases and strains of rock past and present, Black Bananas are on the lookout for a sound that mainly exists in their mind, an idea of sound to wrap around the tunes, a cattle prod sneaking around the backside of your aural cortex to jolt you into magical thinking. Black Bananas’ production pays forward the psychotropic effect with ultimate line blur but ‘Electric Brick Wall’ is solidly composed of time-tested elements - the beat, the groove, licks, builds and bridges - fused together for projection to the stars.

  • The lead single ‘Physical Emotions’ is a dancefloor blast that our ears and minds deeply needed and ‘Electric Brick Wall’ solves even more problems by introducing more and harder beats, upping the sugar quotient along with the strychnine in a line of insanely hilarious new music hybrids aplenty, like the drone / crunch / ragga vibes of ‘Hey Rockin’ or the mirror- ballin’ industrial desolation of ‘Creeping The Line’. It’s an age of hybrids but Black Bananas come on with hot Yankee ingenuity, true cross-breeders with a refreshing lack of values and a corresponding shortage of shame.