Bob Mould - Beauty & Ruin

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CD digipak with booklet. LP + download.åÊ

Described as ‰ÛÏa compact epic,‰۝ Beauty & Ruin packs a staggering lifetime‰۪s worth of emotion and experience into a 36-minute package sure to be hailed as a landmark addition toåÊBob‰۪s formidable body of work. As with 2012‰Û_s Silver Age, Beauty & Ruin findsåÊBobjoined by his longtime band of bassist Jason Narducy and drummer Jon Wurster.åÊ

Track Listing : SIDE A:åÊ Low Season, Little Glass Pill, I Don‰۪t Know You Anymore, Kid With Crooked Face, Nemeses Are Laughing, The War. SIDE B : Forgiveness, Hey Mr. Grey, Fire in the City, Tomorrow Morning, Let the Beauty Be, Fix It