Cabbage - Nihilistic Glamour Shots

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Nihilistic Glamour Shots is the highly anticipated debut album from Cabbage. Produced by James Skelly and Rich Turvey (Blossoms, The Coral, She Drew The Gun) at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, Nihilistic Glamour Shots is an album that confirms Cabbage as one of the most nuanced bands in years. Equally drawn to socialist politics and mucking about, they’re devotees of both big choruses and anarchic totems like GG Allin, Genesis P Orridge and Butthole Surfers. It’s a mixture writ large throughout Nihilistic Glamour Shots, from the frenetic opening salvo of Preach To The ConvertedArms Of Pleonexia and Molotov Alcopop, via ‘Perdurabo’s swampy blues and wild funk of Exhibit A to the devastating seven-minute finale Subhuman 2.0. It’s hard to think of another band who could write a magnificently infectious two-minute frantic anthem and then call it Obligatory Castration. Only two album tracks have been heard before, the BBC6 Music playlisted singles Celebration Of A Disease and Gibraltar Ape. Indeed, the savagely brilliant Postmodernist Caligula was written and recorded in a matter of days at the end of the album recording sessions.

Available on indies-only red vinyl