Cluster - Cluster 71

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Three deep and spaced out drone pieces from Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius (whose solo cd 'Aquarello' was recently reissued by All Saints), this disc marked Cluster at their most intriguing period. Each track is beatless, yet rhythms in the drifting synth lines ebb and flow like tidal changes. I have come across Cluster before a few times but this cd has borne most fruit for me - there is something about the 'cosmische' minimalism that appeals to my love of early synth experimentation as heard on the Ohm Boxset, and also my love of the weirder side of synth-prog. Anyone who has enjoyed Jim O'Rourke or Sonic Youth's forays into psychedelic ambience owes themselves a listen to this album, one that has rightly been lavished many great accolades over the years. Recommended.