Disco Inferno - Technicolour

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Disco Inferno were initially a post-punk band heavily influenced by bands such as Joy Division and Wire. Having become characterized as one of the first post-rock bands, in 1996, they released their third and final album Technicolour.

Almost entirely out on their own and out of step with the times, Disco Inferno were probably the most ambitious and isolated band of the '90s. 

Whilst it's now almost second nature for a band to incorporate digital technology into their armoury, you'd struggle to find anyone who who went anything like as far as DI. In 1992, they took the quantum leap from their modest beginnings to totally rewire themselves and become the most radical, forward-thinking guitar band on the planet, with a revolutionary sample-based approach that was simply years ahead of the curve. 

Littered as pop history is with unsung heroes and buried brilliance, there are few bands so deserving of such recovery as Disco Inferno.

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