Dream Machine - The Illusion

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Warm Soda‰۪s Matthew Melton makes it a fantastical family affair

When Matthew Melton told us he had two brand new records for us to hear, a final Warm Soda record as well as a new band with his wife Doris called Dream Machine, I must admit there was a little sadness that Warm Soda had run its course. Then I put on Dream Machine and poof, a puff of smoke and a familiar looking magician appears, beckoning for me to jump through his top hat and we‰۪re off! The vibe makes a deft jump from Warm Soda‰۪s terse power pop to tongue in groove swinging proto-metal a la Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple, Heart, and more than a hint of LA‰۪s dark masters The Doors‰Û_Doris absolutely murders the organ all over this thing, along with some perfectly placed synthesiser pepper - it‰۪s just jammed with hooks and pulsing vintage vibes but in an unassailably clever and accomplished manner. This band is going to be the background party band of the summer I can already tell, this sounds like a saturday night satanic ritual in a sunsetting Austin backyard, everyone dressed to the nines and we‰۪re fuckin goin‰۪ there man. If I didn‰۪t know Melton already I would have lost my shit seeing this out in the wild - expertly played, fantastically recorded (at A = 432 hz, by the way) and just a real tasty party platter of a record here for you ‰ÛÒ

RIYL: Vanilla Fudge, Blue Cheer, Uncle Acid & Dead Beats, Purson, Iron Butterfly, The Doors, Brown Acid‰Û_ oh yeah!