Dub Thompson - 9 Songs

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Take the 101 north out of Los Angeles, and you'll pass by Agoura Hills, where the core duo of the band Dub Thompson grew up. ‰ÛÜPulos and his bandmate, drummer Evan Laffer, are currently both 19 years old, and are putting that line of thought to the test; their musical influences travel from the Midwestern malaise of Big Black and Pere Ubu, to Kraut pioneers Can and Kraftwerk, while bowing to the British belligerence of The Fall and This Heat. Recorded while living with Foxygen's Jonathan Rado at his rented house in Bloomington, the band had its first taste of a heavy Indiana summer, and all the humidity and insect life that buzzes along with it. Their first collection of songs slyly unties the shoes of genre and convention, shapeshifts mischievously, and tramples on the promises delivered on the name itself. There are only eight songs on this rangy debut. Intense blasts of hook-filled noise rock ('Hayward!'), rocksteady marionette stomp ('No Time'), hypnotic bouts of doomy poetics ('Epicondyles'), outlandishly sexy groove rock (Dograces), and a number of other bite-sized forays into parts unknown are made manifest across 9 Songs.

LP - Limited copies on Translucent Black Vinyl.