Eddy Current Suppression Ring - So Many Things

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‰ÛÏA document of four dudes having a good time over the course of six years-- teases out the Australian punk-loving rock band's trajectory through B-sides and singles.‰۝ - PitchforkåÊ

They‰۪ve drawn comparisons to Wire, Can, The Fall, Fugazi and The Stooges. They have a singer who wears black gloves to overcome stage fright. They won the $30,000 Australian Music Prize for their 2008 album Primary Colours‰ÛÓthen recorded the next one themselves in a few hours in their practice space and spent the dough on a photo shoot for the album cover. They do not care about you and your expectations. You could call them ‰ÛÏfiercely independent‰۝ but they don‰۪t seem fierce at all. Quietly, and definitely on their own terms, Eddy Current Suppression Ring has become a force in underground music.

Now, after three albums, it‰۪s time for a compilation of singles tracks, demos and other stuff they had lying round. Turns out there was lots to choose from‰ÛÓand even after trimming, they ended up with a double album. Goner Records is happy to provide So Many Things.