Jad & David Fair - Monster Songs For Children

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“...when the fun little walking bass and tinkling guitar get run over by a Calvin Johnson-style voice singing about how you can’t take a picture of the Adominable Snowman because the film will freeze... well, if you’re me, you fall in love.”

‘ bundtcake Twenty-six monsters, one for each letter of the alphabet, are ap- praised in this offbeat and humorous album. The effect is one of exaggerated and mock creepiness that mates with the verses well. The album is delightful, unique, and deserves to be a classic with children and adults that still like Hal- loween and Godzilla movies.

Tracks: Abominable Snowman / Bigfoot / Creature / Dracula / E.T. / Franken- stein / Godzilla / Headless Horseman / Invisible Man / Jabberwocky / King Kong / Loch Ness Monster / Mummy / Nosferatu / Ogre / Phantom / Queen Kong / Rodan / Sasquatch / Troll / Urchin / Vampire / Werewolf / The Man With The X-Ray Eyes / Yeti / Zombie

Available on indies-only lime with black swirl coloured vinyl