Labradford - Prazision

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To coincide with the 20th anniversary of the original release, Kranky reissue 001 on vinyl for the first time since 1993, newly remastered and with new artwork. ​The debut album from La Bradford, as well as the premier Kranky release, was originally issued in october 1993 to a surprising amount of acclaim as well as a fair bit of confusion. What was one to make of these beatless atmospheres cum pop songs that had very little to do with contemporary indie-rock? 'prazision lp' not only announced the arrival of La Bradford, a new force in organized sound, but also set the standard for Kranky as the prime example of what would soon be the label's forte; releasing challenging work that will stand the test of time. What is clearly evident upon listening to the album anew is that this is not a dated or stale work by any means. it could just as well have been recorded in 2003, or 1983 for that matter, as in 1993. it does not contain any of the markers so typical of pop music that would place it in any time frame, no production touches or instrumental sounds that would identify it as being the product of a specific period. at the very least, la bradford created a timeless work, one that still challenges the listener today. more to the point, they created a masterwork.