Matthew Young - Recurring Dreams

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Matthew Young‰۪s genre-bending, acclaimed 1986 release ‰Û÷Traveler‰۪s Advisory‰۪ reappeared as a reissue on Drag City / Yoga in 2010 and quickly sold out. We now return to Young‰۪s first effort, ‰Û÷Recurring Dreams‰۪, dating back to 1981 and the apex of the Eno / Berlin schools‰۪ influence over myriad American followers. Young created eight EMS / Rhodes pieces solo, subtly weaving in variable-speed Revox manipulation of traditional rock instrumentation with the lightest of touches.

As anyone who has heard ‰Û÷Traveler‰۪s Advisory‰۪ already knows, Matthew Young could never be a mere imitator. What all too often amounted to predictable shtick in the field of early 80s home electronica, Young made personal, delicate, discreet and discrete. Wordlessly illustrating its titles - ‰Û÷Version, Inversion‰۪, ‰Û÷The Forest Of Lilacs‰۪ and ‰Û÷Mistral‰۪ (a strong, cold, north westerly wind), Young conjures vivid, progressive tones of the unknown.

‰Û÷Recurring Dreams‰۪ requires repeat listenings to fully reveal its Bonsai-like qualities. Fans of Erik Satie, JD Emmanuel, private-issue new age or the more placid side of minimal synth should take note of this one.åÊ
LP on Drag City