Neil Young - Storytone

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Neil Young releases his latest studio album via Reprise Records. ‰ÛÏStorytone‰۝ has 10 brand new compositions recorded live in the studio with a 92-piece orchestra, choir and Young. He took a different approach with this record, first recording the songs on his own in a solo-setting, then creating compelling versions of the songs in a new light with an orchestra and big band, resulting in a deeply-personal emotional listening experience throughout the new record. The standard CD features the 10 orchestral song versions of ‰ÛÏStorytone‰۝, with the deluxe 2CD edition containing both standard and solo versions. The first track released from the album is ‰Û÷Who‰۪s Gonna Stand Up?‰۪, which was originally performed at Crazy Horse shows in the UK this summer and more recently, as part of Young‰۪s solo acoustic set at Farm Aid. The track captivated audiences in its resounding plea to end dependence of fossil fuels in hopes of protecting the Earth‰۪s fragile eco-systems for future generations. Other standout tracks include the bittersweet album opener ‰Û÷Plastic Flowers‰۪, the bluesy swing of ‰Û÷I Want To Drive My Car‰۪, the aching ‰Û÷Tumbleweed‰۪ and the heartfelt ‰Û÷When I Watch You Sleeping‰۪. Each song evokes an entirely different feel within the context of its presentation.

LP coming in December