Pentagram - Relentless

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Starting life in the early 1970's, US legends Pentagram is one of the most enduring underground bands in heavy metal history - Influenced by British bands 'The Groundhogs' & 'Black Sabbath', their own take on Doom Metal has subsequently influenced everyone from 'Paradise Lost' to 'Cathedral' - Though the band line-up has changed many times over the years, enigmatic vocalist Bobby Liebling remains at the helm, with Pentagram now widely-regarded as a true cult band with a fanbase transcending whole generations

'Relentless' was the band's debut album & was originally self-released in 1985 as 'Pentagram' - later to be renamed & released by Peaceville in 1993, after a long search for a suitable record label. With its numerous timeless heavy metal anthems & the distinguishable voice of Bobby Liebling eerily ringing out, 'Relentless' remains the most iconic release of the band's studio output & a staple of the entire heavy doom genre.

**note: these copies have the 'P' missing from the band name on the cover**